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Asset Class and Economic Themes As we begin 2024, we want you to know what a privilege it is to serve as your advisor. Hopefully each quarterly newsletter gives you some insights into our thinking and its evolution as we are confronted with new information and ideas in an ever-changing financial landscape.  As always, we […]
Asset Class and Economic Themes  Equity markets rallied over the first half of 2023 but lost steam coming into September and October. Over the 3-months to October, all asset class performance was negative except for Alternatives and Cash. While recent market movements have vindicated the defensive positioning taken in Q2 2023, we remain cautious on […]
Key Themes During February and August every year, most Australian listed companies reveal their profit results, and most guide how they expect their businesses to perform in the upcoming year. Whilst we regularly meet with companies between reporting periods to gauge how their businesses are performing, companies open up their books during reporting season to […]
Asset Class and Economic Themes In our last newsletter we highlighted a volatile market environment which has continued unabated. As the year has progressed, we have become resigned to the fact that volatility is here to stay. RBA cash rates are currently at 4.1% and this means that bonds once again produce yield. The impact […]
Episode details - 22 August 2023 Greg and Brendon Vade chat about the benefits advisers have experienced from having an investment committee and outline some of the challenges they have faced throughout their journey. Our team discuss the challenges faced in dealing with an investment committee. Greg is a highly experienced independent advisor at Allied […]
Asset Class and Economic Themes We hope we are not the only ones to feel a little confused by financial markets. Summarising the quarter, January started out with a strong equity market rally only to start falling in February; followed by a short-term banking crisis which unfolded in the first week of March but was […]
Reporting season summary from Atlas Fund Management: Allied Wealth’s preferred direct Australian equity manager Allied Wealth is pleased to have engaged Atlas Funds Management to provide recommendations for clients who have chosen direct equities for their Australian share component of their portfolio via the Atlas Core Australian Equity Portfolio.  We find their income and dividend […]
Economic Update on US Bank Collapse As you may have already seen in the news, US regulators moved to close Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) on the 10th of March. This was followed by the closure of Signature Bank on the 12th of March. Interestingly, the collapse of these two banks represents the 2nd and 3rd […]
Asset Class and Economic Themes 2023 has gotten off to a roaring start. Despite a sharp equity rally in January, risks that were prevalent at the end of 2022 continue to plague the markets. I would liken the equity rally as investors cautiously stepping out across a frozen river – positive they can make it […]
Asset Class and Economic Themes Whilst the seasons might be changing, for financial markets it was more or less the same. Themes discussed in the last newsletter remain dominant today – we sound a bit like a broken record repeating ourselves. Central banks and their actions continue to wield an outsized influence on the direction […]
Asset Class and Economic Themes As we prepare this commentary, it is a wet and cold Sydney morning like many we’ve had to bear this year. Days like these serve as a reminder that sunshine is not a guarantee and every now and then we must endure periods of rain and gloom. Like financial markets, […]
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