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If you’re an older Australian or you have an older person in your life and you’re looking for aged care specific financial advice, our team at Allied Wealth can help. At Allied Wealth we know that financial planning for aged care can be complex to manage on your own. Our team of experienced aged care financial advisors specialise in providing you with expert aged care financial advice in Sydney and across Australia!

Honest Aged Care Financial Advice You Can Rely On

It’s no secret that aligning your finances to allow for yourself or a loved one to enter an aged care facility can be incredibly daunting. Our dedicated advisors pride themselves on offering you honest aged care financial advice that you can trust.
Our team doesn't just tell you what you want to hear, they work alongside you to give you personalised financial advice that aligns with your unique circumstances. Managing the transition into an aged care facility is already difficult, there’s no reason managing your finances has to be hard too.

Our Allied Wealth Team

Our team are seasoned aged care financial planners that can work to address your aged care financial planning concerns. From structuring investments for long-term needs to maximising your pension, our team ensures that you or your loved ones are equipped with the resources and the support they need for a secure future.
We are committed to providing independent and transparent financial advice. Our team aren’t just experts in the aged care financial advice space, they’re also passionate about helping their clients to reach their financial goals.

In addition to our aged care financial advice, we also specialise in retirement planning, and we have a team of female financial advisors if you or your family would be more comfortable working with an all-female team.

Contact us today to find out exactly how we can help you plan for your future with our aged care financial advice.

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We would love to help everyone. However, based on our highly personalised approach, our clients are generally: high income earners, pre-retirees, self-funded retirees, business owners and people with lump sums or large savings.

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