Independent Superannuation Advice

Securing a comfortable retirement requires not only diligent savings but also the expertise of seasoned superannuation advisors. Allied Wealth is your trusted partner in Sydney, offering independent superannuation advice that sets you on the path to a secure and financially sound retirement. Our expert advisors also have extensive experience in retirement planning, and self managed super fund advice.

About Independent Superannuation Advisors

Independent superannuation advisors, like those at Allied Wealth, play a crucial role in your financial journey. They are not tied to any financial institution, ensuring that the advice they provide is impartial, transparent, and focused solely on your financial well-being. They navigate the complexities of superannuation regulations, investment strategies, and retirement planning to help you make informed decisions regarding your superannuation funds.

How Are Allied Wealth Different from the Rest?

What sets Allied Wealth apart as an independent superannuation advisor in Sydney is our unwavering commitment to transparency, ethical financial practices, and client-centric services. We put your interests first, with no hidden agendas or affiliations with product issuers, our personalised approach, in-depth knowledge, and dedication to client relationships allow us to provide holistic superannuation advice that caters to your unique needs and goals.

What Do Allied Wealth Offer?

Our superannuation advisory services cover a wide spectrum of financial aspects, some of our services include:

Superannuation Strategy
Crafting a personalised superannuation strategy tailored to your financial goals and retirement aspirations.
Investment Guidance
Providing expert advice on superannuation fund investments to maximise growth and minimise risks.
Retirement Planning
Offering comprehensive retirement planning services to ensure your post-work life is comfortable and financially secure.
Superannuation Growth Analysis
Assessing your superannuation fund's performance and implementing strategies for growth.

What's My Superannuation Growth?

Calculating your superannuation growth involves a careful evaluation of your contributions, investment returns, fees, and insurance costs. It's crucial to regularly review your superannuation to ensure it aligns with your retirement goals.

Allied Wealth is your beacon of financial security, guiding you through the complexities of superannuation, retirement planning, and ethical investments. Contact our superannuation advisors in Sydney today to embark on a journey towards a financially sound and secure retirement.

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Superannuation Advice FAQs

An independent financial adviser, as per the Corporations Act, must not have affiliations with financial product issuers, charge percentage-based fees, accept gifts that might influence them, or impose additional product restrictions. They should remain unbiased and prioritise your best interests. At Allied Wealth, we prioritise you rather than a paycheck.

We tailor our communication to your preferences. Whether you prefer in-person meetings, phone calls, emails, or a combination of these, we adapt to your needs. The frequency of communication will depend on your specific requirements and the stage of your financial journey.
Our team of independent superannuation advisors comprises highly qualified and experienced professionals. We hold necessary qualifications and certifications, along with decades of experience to provide you with expert superannuation advice that can help prepare you for your financial future.

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We would love to help everyone. However, based on our highly personalised approach, our clients are generally: high income earners, pre-retirees, self-funded retirees, business owners and people with lump sums or large savings.

If you are a Corporation or Not-for-profit, please click here.
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