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At Allied Wealth we are a comprehensive provider of independent wealth management advice in Sydney. We are a team of trusted wealth management advisors who have extensive experience in managing your wealth, offering you personalised advice and helping you to meet your financial goals. Our wealth management services are the perfect place to start if you are looking to begin your journey to financial success.

Who Are We & What Do We Do?

As leading wealth management advisors in Sydney, our team at Allied Wealth prioritises you and your goals. Our advisors in Sydney are experienced, knowledgeable and are committed to offering every single one of our clients a tailored and personalised service.

We know how important wealth management and wealth protection is and we work to create strategies that help to protect your finances.

How Do We Help Our Clients?

Our approach to wealth management advice is centred around us fully understanding what you are looking to achieve and then tailoring our services around those goals to meet your needs.    

Whether you’re planning on building wealth, start to plan your retirement or begin to understand ethical investing, our team of experienced independent financial advisors can help you along every step of the way.

Why Choose a Wealth Management Advisor at Allied Wealth?

When you’re looking for a wealth management advisor it’s important to ensure you’re working with a team who is really looking out for you and is committed to your financial goals. Our team of independent wealth management advisors at Allied Wealth prioritise your financial success. We pride ourselves on being experienced, knowledgeable and committed to providing the highest level of advice. We know how important wealth management and wealth protection services are and we aim to create wealth management strategies that really work!  


Contact our team today for a consultation and see what we can do for you and how we can help you reach your goals! 


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We would love to help everyone. However, based on our highly personalised approach, our clients are generally: high income earners, pre-retirees, self-funded retirees, business owners and people with lump sums or large savings.

If you are a Corporation or Not-for-profit, please click here.
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