Meet the team

Jonah Sukkar

Jonah Sukkar has been immersed in the financial services industry since 2015, initially working with the directors of Allied Wealth in another business before officially joining the firm in 2024. Motivated by a desire to offer clients independent financial guidance devoid of conflicts of interest, Jonah remains dedicated to delivering personalised and impartial advice to individuals and families.

Committed to transparency and integrity, Jonah places a strong emphasis on providing clear, unbiased guidance to his clients. With a focus on education and empowerment, he navigates his clients through every facet of their financial journey, offering support and clarity at every step. Jonah firmly believes that by arming individuals with the knowledge and resources they require, he can significantly impact their lives for the better.

Jonah holds a Bachelor's degree in Commerce with a specialization in Accounting, a Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning, and serves as a Justice of the Peace. These qualifications underscore his commitment to professionalism and excellence in his field.
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